Your child is unique. Their passions, drive and interests are distinctive to them. BKHS prides itself on ensuring the care your child receives is equally unique to them.  We are a close community with small class sizes and engaging and nurturing staff. Well-being isn’t just a phrase at BKHS, it is a way of life.

The relationship between teachers and pupils is a key aspect of pastoral care. The combination of formal and informal situations, as well as the curricular and Co-Curricular contact means teachers see children in most situations and are always there to support them. The wider BKHS community provides a solid support network and everyone from tutors, to head of year, learning mentors and the chaplain are involved in your child’s pastoral care and ensuring their well-being.

Pupils take an active role in their academic and well-being development. We work with them and parents to help shape their character. Building self confidence, self awareness and to recognise the importance of society and the role they play within it. 

Fostering leadership is encouraged at all ages and peer support is an everyday occurrence. Just one example of this is the peer support group of Year 10 and Sixth Form students who are trained to help, listen and advise other pupils from school with any problems they may have.

A significant benefit to providing Prep-Sixth Form education on the same site, is the reduced disruption to a pupils’ learning. Pastorally, we have also found that pupils that progress through the school are less anxious as they transition to become Prep, Senior or Sixth Form pupils, as it provides a constant at a time of substantial change.

Your child’s development, both personal and academic, are entwined at BKHS.