Sixth Form Welcome

Life in the Sixth Form

We provide an outstanding Sixth Form experience, which delivers some of the highest grades in the region. We encourage independent thinking throughout BKHS. At Sixth Form, this independent spirt and ownership is essential as your young adult will choose their subjects. Their interests, aptitudes and aspirations, your parental views and our guidance, will help determine a combination of subjects that will result in a fulfilling experience and the skills for a bright future.  

We know some pupils have a clear career plan. Others, wish to keep their options open.  At BKHS we have the support in place to help them on either path. We are a learning community, where every pupil, and their individual approach, matters. 

Teenagers can find this phase of their life challenging and stressful. We recognise this and provide a friendly and supportive environment, that closely monitors both personal and academic development. 

Pupils are fully supported by tutors in their UCAS applications and the Careers Department. Pupils participate in mock interview practice, advice from industry professions, insights from our alumni and one to one careers advice. 

The extensive academic choices, and our results, means we often have pupils from outside BKHS join us at this stage of their education. New pupils are fully embraced, by staff and pupils, during this transition. It is never too late to benefit from a BKHS education. 

BKHS Sixth Form will prepare your child for the rigour of higher education and ultimately the world.