The Governance scheme for Bablake and King Henry VIII School allows for 22 Governors who act as trustees to the School. Of these, 10 are nominated and 12 are co-opted. The nominated bodies are as follows:

  • The trustees of the General Charity in the City of Coventry (3 governors)
  • The trustees of the Coventry (Church) Municipal Charities (2 governors)
  • The committee of the Bablake Parents’ Association (1 Governor)
  • The committee of the King Henry VIII Parents’ Association (1 Governor)
  • The Council of the University of Warwick (1 Governor); The Vice-Chancellor of Coventry University (1 Governor)
  • The trustees of the Sir Thomas White’s Charity (1 Governor)

Download a full list of Governors here


A Scrutiny Committee selects co-opted governors based on the Governing body’s requirements, skills, competence, interest in independent education and diversity of employ.

The Governors of Coventry School Foundation are legally responsible for the overall management and control of all the School. The Governors meet as a full board three times a year and undertake the work of managing the Foundation through a committee structure. A Finance and General Purposes Committee meets at least once a term and is responsible for implementation of most of the Foundation’s policies. It approves the Foundation’s annual budget and oversees all financial activity and building and development. An Academic and Resources Committee meets up to twice a term. A Major Projects Committee oversees and coordinates the Foundation capital build and spends programme to ensure each project meets the defined needs and provide value for money. Other committees are: the Finance Sub Committee, the Executive Committee, Health & Safety Committee and Child Protection. In addition other sub working groups, for example Marketing and ICT, are established as considered necessary from time to time.


Governors, who are unpaid volunteers, are highly motivated and play a full part in the life of the Foundation. They are all members of at least one of the main committees and many are on more. To be effective, Governors must have a very good understanding of the operation of the schools and, by arrangement with the Head, Governors visit the schools and may, for example, observe teaching in practice and meet the staff. They also regularly attend many of the school activities ranging from open evenings, music and drama performances, art exhibitions and sports fixtures and the annual prize giving evenings. Many of the meetings are in the early evening but the main board meetings are usually held in the mornings.


New Governors receive a comprehensive information pack explaining in detail the role of Governors, the organisation and its structure, the financial position, and the strategy for the future as well as general information relating to the statutory obligation of charities and their trustees. Copies of relevant Charity Commission booklets are included in the pack. In addition, each new Governor is briefed by the Bursar and Clerk to the Governors and by the Heads of each school.

How to become a Governor

There is no typical Governor but many have professional skills and experience in education. The Foundation wants representatives of the local community who have a real interest in education and are prepared to give up time and use their skills to ensure the continued success of the Foundation’s schools.

If you have an interest in education and would wish to play a part in this highly successful group of independent schools, you may wish to consider putting yourself forward to become a Governor. If so, you should send a CV and a letter explaining your interest and what you believe you can offer to the Foundation to the address below:

The Chairman of the Governors
Coventry School Foundation
Foundation Office
15 Queens Road

The Scrutiny Committee will consider your application and if successful you will be placed on a waiting list to become a co-opted governor. Alternatively you may wish to contact one of the nominating bodies listed above.


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