Pre Preparatory Welcome

BKHS Pre Prep is for children aged three to seven. Your child’s educational journey will start in a fun, engaging and safe environment. Children of this age are naturally curious and love to explore. We nurture this wonder and guide them as they become confident, inquisitive and motivated learners.

Children pursue their interests across a rich and diverse curriculum and are well equipped to thrive at Prep School. The broad curriculum ensures your child has the core foundation of numeracy, writing, reading and science to a high level, with additional non-syllabus activities to further enrich their learning. 

As part of their learning, your child will be able to explore the beautiful surrounding of our Grange site. Set in six acres of gardens, woodlands and an orchard, children learn in nature, and about nature, here at BKHS. Pupils participate in Forestry School, through a child-led approach which enables all-round development, as well as fostering a relationship between the children and the natural environment.

We place significant importance on pastoral care. Your child’s wellbeing is at the heart of what we do.

Children are encouraged to express themselves and talk about their feelings. They learn to play with and accept others. Differences are celebrated and each pupil is encouraged to be the best version of themselves.

Requests for Reception places surge as pupils travel from Coventry and surrounding counties. However, we are committed to children being taught in small classes, much smaller than state schools. This creates a personal teaching experience where children are supported in a community that knows them well as individuals, leading to a lifelong relationship built with them and you as their families.