Bablakeschool 10

Preparatory Welcome

A day in the life

Your child will love life at BKHS Preparatory School. The sense of wonder and exploration channelled at Pre Prep means they have the self belief and esteem to help shape their learning journey as they progress through Key Stage 2.

The National Curriculum is delivered through personalised learning and small class sizes, which ensures each child will flourish. We nurture their academic abilities with a rich learning experience and a modern and visionary education that far exceeds the National Curriculum.

Pupils participate in Forest School to enhance their education and understanding of nature and environmental issues. They develop increased personal and social awareness as they learn to work as a team, problem solve and communicate.

In Years 3 and 4 pupils benefit academically and pastorally from a blend of teaching. They have the familiarity of learning from their Form Teacher and specialist teaching in areas including sport, art, computing, languages and music. This community approach means each teacher will know your child, and all of our pupils, incredibly well.

In Years 5 and 6 children benefit form a more secondary style education. The majority of lessons are taught by experts and the children move between lessons to the specialist on-site facilities. As the Senior School is on the same site, pupils regularly attend taster classes including robotics. A love of music starts at a young age for many of our pupils and they thrive when given the chance to play in the senior orchestra. The familiarity of attending the Senior School, interacting with teachers and experiencing Year 7 learning ensures a smooth transition when they enter senior school.

These approaches mean we know which children need more support and those that need to be challenged further in each year group. Each child is unique and we tailor our academic and pastoral support accordingly.

The nurturing environment and outstanding pastoral care allows each child to grow in confidence and discover their potential by trying new things and building their love of learning. Pupils reap the benefits of being part of a tight-knit community who want the best for each other.

The combination of academic success and co-curricular participation and enjoyment are of equal value at BKHS Preparatory. A healthy mind, body and spirt is essential in today’s world. By instilling those values now, they will be equipped to succeed at senior school and in the future.

The seamless through school experience creates a calm and constant approach to learning and eases the transition to senior school.